Kelvingrove police clampdown

Added on Friday 1 Jun 2012

Strathclyde Police have taken prompt action to quash plans to stage a drinking party in Kelvingrove Park over the holiday weekend - promising there will be no repetition of the shocking scenes that led to 21 arrests last year.

Up to 5,000 flocked to an unofficial Royal Wedding "party" advertised through Facebook and Twitter, forcing police to take action after binge drinking led to violent scenes and mutliple arrests.

West End News has learned that as hundreds of drinkers became unruly a small number of police officers were at one staged pinned against the River Kelvin by a threatening mob of up to 1,000 drunken thugs. Mounted police and other reinforcements ultimately brought the situation under control.

Now the police, reacting swiftly to new calls on social media for a similar "celebration" of the Diamond Jubilee, have pledged they'll take robust action against anyone flouting the rules against drinking alcohol in public. Nor will anybody be allowed to enter the park with any kind of sound system.