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Added on Tuesday 28 Feb 2012

Photo: duck baker. 1st March Duck Baker

'Live at the Star' - Saint Andrew's In The Square, Glasgow G1 5PP


Duck is one of the most highly regarded fingerstyle guitarists of his generation. His repertoire ranges from tradition Scots/Irish music through old-time mountain music & bluegrass to blues, gospel, ragtime, swing and modern jazz.

Photo: eryn strachan. 8th March Eryn Strachan and Rebecca Wright


New Zealand born, singer/songwriter Eryn Strachan has found a true second home here in Glasgow, Scotland. Inspired by an eclectic range of musical influences and a love of poetry, Eryn continues to explore music in its many genres through writing, performing and recording and has just released her new album "Jade, Bones & Katie Jones".

Freshly revealing, bright and beautiful... Rebecca's songs will stir your heart. Her deftly exquisite arrangements of voice and acoustic guitar, and graceful, grounded performances captivate her audiences and weave connections among people. Rebecca will be accompanied by Donald McKay.

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15th March Friel Sisters

'Live at the Star' - Saint Andrew's In The Square, Glasgow G1 5PP


The Friel Sisters are young traditional musicians hailing from Glasgow with Donegal roots. Born and brought up in Glasgow with their family roots firmly entrenched in the Donegal Gaeltacht they play a mixture of music interspersed with songs, many from their family repertoire and strive to maintain this tradition. Being siblings they achieve a close blend on fiddle, flute and uilleann pipes, approaching their music in a style inspired by many encounters with great musicians and singers throughout Ireland and in particular, Donegal.

22nd March Flossie Malavialle


"Flossie has a voiceas clear and tuneful as a lark, with a pureness of quality to stop you in your tracks in the forest of a song" Colum Sands "Flossie's great! She came over from France and wowed everybody with her sensational voice, her gutsy guitar style, eclectic repertoire and franglais patter" Vin Garbutt

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