Some new photographs from Marianne

Added on Tuesday 6 Dec 2011

Photo: marianne 4.

Photo: marianne 3.

Photo: marianne 2.

Photo: marianne 1.

The portraits are taken with an analogue camera and then developed in the dark room. The people were photographed in a darkened room with only the light from a laptop screen to illuminate their faces. By using only the light from a laptop screen I am commenting on how the Internet is changing our behaviour and how technology has changed social consciousness over the years. The dramatic light is similar to the light used in the old Renaissance paintings. It is now been discovered that Renaissence painters used curved mirrors and lenses to paint an exact picture, for which they would need very strong lighting. The lighting on the face of the person being painted would have been refracted from a mirror. The renaissence painters used the technology available to them to improve their paintings. I am now expressing desire that modern culture has for technology whilst expressing the roots of technology in art.

The photograms are of circuit boards. A photogram is a photographic technique invented by Man Ray and adopted by the DaDa Artists. It involves placing the object (in this case a circuit board) onto light sensitive paper in the dark room and allowing the light exposure to make the picture. The image will come out as a negative. In this case I put the very small circuit into the negative enlarger which then enlarged the image of the circuit. I am currently using disregarded parts of technology to make artwork. The images are colourful, beautiful and interesting but they also express a paradox, that is the environmental impact these devices are having on the world.

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