October listings

Added on Sunday 9 Oct 2011


13th October

Haggerdash are one of Scotland's favourite folk groups playing a wide range of songs and tunes and are much in demand for festivals and folk clubs as well as having many performances in Norway, Denmark and France to their credit. They have had many influences over the years and this is shown in the wide range of material that they perform.


Dan McKinnon

20th October

Dan hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the Canadian Maritimes, an area rich in the musical and cultural traditions of the North Atlantic. His warm baritone voice, superb guitar arrangements and original compositions have won him widespread praise. Dan's thoughtful compositions and smooth melodies cover the entire folk spectrum, with themes traditional, historical, contemporary and universal.


Rod Paterson

27th October

Rod Paterson is a celebrated performer of traditional song and probably the finest Scottish folk singer of his generation. Rod has a marvellously rich and expressive voice and a reputation as an unequalled interpreter of the songs of Scotland.


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