Things to do in the garden this summer

Added on Friday 29 Jul 2011

Photo: woodlands community garden. Woodlands Community Garden & Climate Action Hub


Using the community garden as our main base, and thanks to Climate Challenge Funding, we are now working on:

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: providing home energy checks, advice on insulation and draft-proofing

FOOD: promoting urban growing, composting, local food

TRANSPORT: encouraging cycling and car-sharing

WASTE: helping to reduce food waste and junk mail

So if you are based in the Woodlands area, care about the environment, but need support in making your house, business or community group greener - please get in touch. Also get in touch if you are already doing work in these areas and would like to support us in what we are doing,

Energy advice - contact Nina Food, transport or waste - contactTim

If you would like to volunteer with us, contact Joyce


If you've ever thought about growing your own food, but have been put off by living in an urban environment, then don't despair. Help is at hand. Not only are you welcome to join us at our community garden, but you can come along to a new course that will be running in August and September. There will be four sessions and you can attend sessions individually or as a block. The course is free and there is no need to have any gardening experience to attend:

  • Sunday 28th August 2-5pm Introduction to Composting and Wormeries
  • Monday 29th August 5- 7.30pm Gardening for wildlife
  • Sunday 18th September 2-5pm Planting and protecting crops for the winter
  • Monday 19th September 5 - 7.30pm Growing vegetable and herbs in containers


If you've been enjoying the recent sunny weather, but don't have your own garden in which to enjoy it - why not come along to one of our garden work days. There's the added bonus of meeting new people, taking part in some good aerobic digging and helping us finish building the communal areas at our garden, which you can then come to whenever the sun shines! There's still plenty of work to do and we need to make the most of the summer whilst it lasts.

There will be people working in the garden this Saturday 30th July from 12-5pm and regular Monday evening sessions, every Monday from 5pm - 8pm in collaboration with GROW (Garden Revolutions of the West End). Please join us if you can and help create a community space we can all enjoy.

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