G12 Rubbish and Recycling

Added on Friday 11 Feb 2011

Photo: rubbish dumped G12. I used to live in Bank Street, G12 and as you'll see from the photo, the rubbish collection system was dire. A block full of students, except me and it was disgusting. I called Land & Environmental Services several times but nothing was done about it. ( Calls are recorded, so I know my concerns were logged).

One blue bin for recycling, everything else in black bin bags ( non biodegradeable ) or old fashioned tin cans that you'd expect Top Cat to pop out of! I wish Top Cat had been ?around to tackle some of the vermin.
Here was me thinking that students would be more considerate towards the and most importantly their environment, ie back door! Sadly not the case.

Why then are some areas in G12 serviced with recycling bins and not others? My council tax was substantial enough!?

I look forward to better recycling facilities in my new abode. Meantime, if anyone from Glasgow City Council is reading this, check out 50 Bank Street.. it is in serious need of a recycling revamp and vermin control.