Winter Weather

Added on Friday 10 Dec 2010

We hope that you are well in this chilly cold winter weather.

Energy Awareness Advice Drop In

Beanscene on Woodlands Road, on Wednesday from 2- 3pm and Friday from 4 - 5pm

We had a lovely afternoon event last Sunday in our newly created, though not entirely finished, Energy Awareness Hub with some good food, company and the folks from the Energy Saving Trust, who were helping us stay warm this winter without our heating bills going through the roof and we plan to have many more events there in the future.

If you are wanting some advice about energy saving measures that you could implement in your household we would love to hear from you, we have resources and information related to this, and we have two 'drop in' hours during the week at Beanscene on Woodlands Road, on Wednesday from 2- 3pm and Friday from 4 - 5pm where you can come along for a chat and free cup of tea with the community garden's two energy awareness officers, where we can pass on information and advice relating to reducing your energy demand.

Winter Weather Opening Hours

Due to the cold weather, the garden will be shut during the week and only open now at the weekends, on Saturday from 12 until dusk and Sunday from 10 till dusk. We will be working on the building on both days, so it won't matter what the weather would be like, and if it's nice enough on Saturday we'll also be keeping warm with some woodworking workshops - building some raised beds, compost bins and the like. We would love to see you there.

Ideas Forum Meeting

Monday 13th December 6pm-7pm Lansdowne Church Hall

Join us for our final Ideas Forum Meeting of the year on Monday 13th December 6pm-7pm Lansdowne Church Hall to help us work towards our next couple of events which will include a Green Festive Party on Saturday 18th December 1pm - 4pm, come up with some more community wide energy awareness initiatives and bring along your proposals for what you would like to see happening at Woodlands Community Garden and Energy Awareness Hub.

Open School Grow Your Own Vegetables Course

If anyone has any notes from the Grow Your Own Vegetables Course and would like to contribute to a pamphlet that is being made by the Open School then please get in touch, the more notes the merrier!

DIY Home Energy Talk

We want to help you to stay warm this winter and save money and the planet all at the same time. Therefore we are putting on a couple of workshops in January. One will be a DIY Home Energy Talk and the other a Draft Busters workshop. Please let us know if you would like to take part - we need at least 10 for each.

Garden Sharing Scheme

In collaboration with Grow we will be starting a Woodlands garden sharing scheme this winter. This is for those of you with a garden that no one uses and those of you who would quite like to garden a garden but don't have access to one. The idea being that we become a catalyst for matching you up - a bit like garden speed dating but without the dating part! Let us know if you are interested in getting involved.

Distributors for Winter Newsletter

We are looking for some volunteers to help us to distribute our winter newsletter to all the households in Woodlands, if you can help, even for just an hour then please let us know.

And, as always anything you want to say, ask or write - no matter how small it may be do not hesitate to get in touch. Nina

Hope you are all well, warm and not too snowy!

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Tel. 0772624255 - Monday to Wednesday

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