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Photo: jez lowe. Jez Lowe Geordies Winter Almanac Radio Roadshow

9th December

10/8(concession) Songwriter Jez Lowe returns to his North East roots in a special seasonal presentation that harks back to the old Tyneside radio shows of the 1950's. Gather round the winter firesides of the cottages and terraces in the shadow of the dockyard cranes and the pit-wheels, for an evening of songs, tunes, recitations and comedy, with a backdrop of archive film and photographs. Jez will be joined by his long-time band The Bad Pennies, with Kate Bramley (vocals/ violin), Andy May (Northumbrian Pipes) and David De La Haye (bass), plus special guests Tyneside balladeer Benny Graham and young multi-instrumentalist Andrew Cadie for a night of homespun revelry, Geordie Style.
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Live at The Star

St Andrews in the Square, 1 St Andrews Square, Glasgow (off Saltmarket), G1 5PP

Telephone: 0141 563 0454, email

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