Programme for October / November 2010

Added on Thursday 30 Sep 2010

Photo: steve tilston. Steve Tilston

4th November

8/6(concession) The writer of the classic songs "The Slip Jigs and Reels", "The Naked Highwayman", and "Here's to Tom Paine", Steve Tilston is one of this countrys greatest song-writers with many of his songs considered modern folk-song classics and covered by the likes of Fairport Convention, Dolores Keane, John Wright and others. Steve Tilston can stand shoulder to shoulder with any singer/songwriter/guitarist in the world."Dirty Linen
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Gerry & Donal OConnor

11th November

10/8(concession) Gerry OConnor is one of Irelands most outstanding fiddle players, drawing on the wealth of musical experience passed down from his mother and at least four generations of fiddlers. Breathing new life and intensity into many long forgotten tunes from his home area in the North East of Ireland, Gerrys unique personal style and splendidly fluid bowhand combined with technical virtuosity have brought him to concert stages throughout the world and have earned him international renown.

He is joined, on fiddle and piano, by his son Donal OConnor. Highly regarded as a great fiddle player in his own right, his playing was described recently in the Irish Times as immaculate, electrifying and born out of naked talent and consummate professionalism.

Tom Kitching & Gren Bartley

18th November

8/6(concession) From deepest Loughborough come Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley. Playing an aromatic hotpot of folk, world and blues from around the globe, they are a red hot duo on their way up! A young folk award finalist 2003, Tom Kitching plays fiddle with a unique flair, adding depth and context to material, drawing on his broad command of styles. Gren Bartley is simply a superstar of the finger style guitar in the making. Leaving audiences flabbergasted with the speed and control of his picking, the sensitivity and variety of his music will draw you deeper in!
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Archie Fisher

25th November

8/6(concession) Archie is a seminal figure in the Scottish folk revival and one of Scotland's finest songwriters & performers. His interpretations of traditional songs, his own compositions and the material of his fellow contemporary songwriters are fully endorsed by those who know and care.

Photo: james keelaghan. 7th October, 2010 James Keelaghan


Not only one of Canada's greatest songwriters, but also a singer of other peoples songs delivered in a resonant baritone voice that has been called everything from sweet & smooth, to coffee-rich, to glorious. With David Woodhead on bass.
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Photo: ewan mclennan. 14th October, 2010 Ewan McLennan


Ewan's singing and playing covers the broad range folk music has to offer; from traditional ballads sung unaccompanied, to dance tunes or melancholic airs arranged for the guitar, and with a strong emphasis on his own contemporary songwriting that follows in the folk tradition.
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Photo: skyhook. 21st October, 2010 Skyhook


Skyhook are an exciting collaboration of three of the finest acoustic musicians in Sheffield, who play traditional tunes & songs from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton with breathtaking twin fiddles combined with sublime bouzouki & voice.
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