Sunday Afternoon Blues

Added on Sunday 21 Feb 2010

West End Volume 26

Photo: first aid kit. Sunday afternoon. I've definitely had enough of textbooks and I've just about lost patience with clean living as well. Figuring my conscience would be clear if I knocked out a review, I decided it was time to plunder the vinyl archive - collection is way too common a word for it - one more time. It got me feeling quite sentimental taking me back to better days when ordering a couple of LPs from Japan and paying the electricity bill didn't concern me. With this joyous recession that we now have to suffer, paying the electricity bill usually means not eating for a couple of weeks (unless you are an MP, of course, in which case suffering doesn't ever come into it and you can put your electricity bill through your expenses).

So, first on the turntable was a new LP from Swedish duo First Aid Kit called "The Big Black & The Blue". I've always had a failing for sibling harmonies so this one went over well. In fact, it went over so well that it provided the excuse necessary for an entire afternoon of vinyl indulgence. Following shortly thereafter was the self titled LP by the Undisputed Truth that featured a wildly funky version of "Ball of Confusion" that annoyed the neighbours for a full 10 minutes and 30 seconds. Then I uncovered the "True Colours" by Spilt Enz on - wait for it - laser etched vinyl. Cue twenty minutes of trainspotter level pleasure holding it up to the light and watching the pretty colours.

A quick blast of Ian Dury and the Blockheads from the "New Boots and Panties" LP was next that reminded me of how good a drummer Charley Charles was before I (once more) fell into the pits of blonde obsession next as "The Best of Cheryl Ladd" was placed on the turntable. I think the word "best" referred to the sleeve which kept me amused for a lot longer than the record did. Last on was "Rumania" by The Nuns that featured the somewhat very attractive (and blonde) Jennifer Miro in stereo on the cover. Wonder what she is doing these days?

Enough recreation. Time to get back to the books.

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