Added on Monday 24 Nov 2008

Photo: medieval lady. Diary of a Mature Student

Autumn 2008

What a summer! Michelle, the president of the Mature Students Association, got married. She had a real 'knees up' reception after a lovely wedding in the University Chapel. Previously, we had a great hen night with me dressed up as a Medieval Lady courtesy of Stephanie, who dressed us all up for the event. It was my first hen night and one to remember after the pub crawl in Byres Road.

I am now fully immersed in my third year of study at Glasgow University although it is not too time consuming having only one subject in Theatre Studies. The strange thing is that this subject has actually enhanced my visits to the theatre whereas the Film and TV Studies nearly destroyed my enjoyment of film and I am still analytical when I see films. Everything on stage is contrived and I know this at the theatre so there is a different attitude to it whereas film tries to imitate real life. This is an over simplification but you know what I mean!

This year I have been studying Moliere amongst others and it has given me a whole new perspective into his writing. I just love the plays and the understanding of the salon culture at the time. After being educated in the history of the theatre, I have been immersed in the academic readings and I will miss it after this year. The academic staffs in Theatre Studies is so enthusiastic, it rubs off on the students and the students at the tutorials get really involved in discussions about the playwrights.

I have been ticking over History of Art at DACE in preparation for starting level one next year. Under the tutelage of the wonderful Martin Baillie I feel I have a good grounding for the degree course. Martin is the longest serving lecturer at the University and although he is in his mid eighties a wonderful example of how we should be in later years. He has a vast knowledge and manages to remember it to convey to students.

I have also taken the Spanish Language conversation class at lunchtimes available to staff and students at the University. There are only five in the class, four young men and me! Most of us are struggling but the tutor carries on encouraging us. My mind seems to go blank when I have to construct a sentenc e although I can understand the reading fairly well. Language and age don't seem to sit comfortably together but I am determined to struggle on and hope that the penny or eurocent will drop at some point!

The Mature Students Association goes from strength to strength with nearly 120 members and some very nice new members who keep me in touch with younger people. University is certainly a stressful time for students who are full time but being part time takes away a lot of stress and leaves time to go into subjects in more depth. It is only a few weeks time to the MSA Christmas party. It was a great success last year with a Santa and presents. We have one member over seventy years old who has never studied in her life before and is an inspiration to us all.

Meanwhile, I fully participate in University life and have made full use of the excellent gym facilities at the Stevenson Building conveniently across the road from the Mature Students Association in Oakfield Avenue. The semesters have changed this year and the autumn semester finishes on 21 December so I have an exam on 17 December. It means I can have a relaxing Christmas break with no exams in January. The downside is that I have less time to study so I must get on with it now. I know I left the Ibsen play somewhere........,