Summer has arrived, June 2008.

Added on Sunday 8 Jun 2008

I have now completed two years as a Mature Part time Student at Glasgow University. The time has just flown in but I have somewhere between three and six years still to go! It makes it so enjoyable to study without the pressure of having to consider the degree for a career and also to move along at a nice easy pace. My grades have certainly not been good this year and I know that my tutors expected better but things will improve when I address the problem of the poor argumentation in my essays. The problem is that I enjoy learning so much I forget that I also have to produce quality essays and answer the questions posed rather than the questions I would like. I am not quite in the mindset of academia but my mission after the summer is to get to grips with the argumentation using all the offers of help I have received.

I have now completed level two of Film and TV Studies and it is with regret that I say goodbye to the department even if the learning nearly destroyed my enjoyment of the movies. My love of film is mainly avant garde, in particular, Fellini and Godard and I was at a disadvantage in not seeing mainstream films as a good overview of film genres was necessary to do well in the course. I found the course fascinating and it certainly widened my horizons. My original intention was to study History of Art and I will start it in 2009.

In the new Academic year in September I will be in Theatre Studies Level Two. It certainly sounds more academic and historical. The latter part of the last semester was the best with German, Modern Scottish and Verbatim Theatres . This has given me a much greater insight into plays in the way they are written and the performed. I have discussed with Paul Innes at the Department of Continuing Education (DACE) at Glasgow University on whether there could be a course in theatre studies outwith the degree course. I understand that it has not been popular in the past but with the now thriving theatre scene in Glasgow, it might be the time to consider it with clever marketing?

Once again, I have to thank the University Student Disability Service for their continued support on library, computing and parking issues, the other students at the Mature Students Association for providing some sanity in the mad, young campus world and the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies for putting up with the wrinkly and her odd ideas on film and theatre but most of all to my fellow young students who have been a joy to work with on the course. Also, a special thanks to my adviser of studies, Linda Knox, for sorting me out on courses. I am now off to travel, garden and read non academic books for the summer but roll on September when there will be lots of new students to meet! You have until early September to speak to a faculty adviser of studies on registering for part time degree study.

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