Easter 2008

Added on Saturday 8 Mar 2008

I am conscious that I have not updated the diary for a while but time just seems to disappear. I am taking two subjects this year and it seems to take up the entire week. I have not had time for hill walking or tennis so I may consider in the next academic year only taking one subject. Since the purpose is to study as a hobby, I am in no hurry to graduate and I am enjoying being a student.

On the question of time, I don't know how most students fit in three subjects, a job and a social life. Is it because they are young? I really don't know the answer. Maybe, they are just bright and don't need to spend so much time studying. I am constantly surprised at how bright and perceptive my young colleagues are as I don't remember being like that at their age. Yet they say there is 'dumbing down' in education. I can't believe it from what I see at University but then I have been lucky enough to study in very high demand subjects where possibly I am meeting the cream of the school leavers. You can disagree with me if you like and I would like to hear your views.

On a lighter note, the refurbishment at the Mature Students Association (MSA) is completed with only the window blinds to be installed. It has taken a year to reach this stage but I am pleased my tenacity and determination has paid off and we now have a light, clean, airy facility to study and relax in.

The MSA continues to attract new members and we have lots of people from overseas. We have had a few international lunches in the kitchen at Oakfield Avenue to sample dishes from the different countries. We also had a great Xmas Party with a glamorous Santa and recently, a night out at the Grand Ol Opry.

Despite all this socialising I am still very committed to my studies. I still do better in exams than essays as I am good at cramming but I sometimes learn too much for essays resulting in burnout when I finally put pen to paper, or finger to key as it is now. You can imagine my dismay when I heard that level two Film and TV Studies this semester did not have an exam but an essay!

Anyway, I refuse to be beaten and I will get down to doing these essays. I love the subjects passionately and look forward to each block. Film and Television Studies has certainly stretched me with the concentration of academic readings relating to the weekly film screening and Theatre Studies continues to fascinate me.

There is so much support at the University and I cannot praise enough the Service for Disabled Students where the staff are so sympathetic and helpful and also Computing Services where they even sort out computer problems for technophobes like me

If you want to study part time at Glasgow University from September, now is the time to go and see the Faculty Adviser of Studies. They are extremely helpful and you won't regret the decision to study. My brain is much sharper than it was 18 months ago!