Summer 2007 is over

Added on Friday 19 Oct 2007

Summer 2007 is over and what a memorable one it has been. I finished climbing all 284 Munros. It has taken me fourteen years in rain, hail, snow and sometimes sunshine with high winds thrown in for good measure. So much for that achievement but it is now back to the new semester at University.

As the Secretary of the Mature Students' Association, I have been battling to have our premises upgraded as they do look a bit worn and shabby. The University Court have agreed on the upgrading and the work needed has been fully costed so hopefully most of the work will be done this year. Fingers crossed.

The other news is that the Herald featured me in an article on 9 August as a mature student studying as a hobby and not as an entry to a career. I hope this has inspired others to consider studying for a degree of their choice. The journalist remarked on my looking ten years younger than my actual age but I am not sure if she meant that studying keeps you young. Maybe I have found the secret of eternal youth at Glasgow University!

On to academic matters, I have decided to study two subjects this year as I know my way around the campus and the computer now. I am on level 2 Film and TV Studies and continue to find the subject fascinating. Already, I have ideas for the essay due next month and I certainly don't have the fear and trepidation of essay writing that I had this time last year.

My new subject is Theatre Studies which I love. The fellow students are so friendly and many have a background in drama at school and in the community so we are all bonding very quickly. We need to see lots of productions so already I am starting to appreciate theatre more.

I am thoroughly enjoying this year studying subjects I am interested in and are in fact my hobbies. It looks like this is going to be a good Semester.