Review: I of the Needle by Adrian Osmond

Part of the Spring 2007 'A Play, a Pie and a Pint' programme at OranMor, this piece of theatre was gripping and clearly displayed Adrian Osmond's talent as both performer and writer.

He took the audience on the journey of hope and despair with a young man struggling to find himself and fit in with society. He sees opportunities passing him by as he attempts to find a job, engage in social activities and travel - the sort of things most people do.

In every situation he encounters difficulties - he cannot succeed at an interview for a filing clerk, make conversation at a party and when he goes on a journey he is turned back at immigration. He simply does not have the skills to communicate, manipulate and make life easy for himself and 'feels trapped by every little detail.

His hope is that 'things will happen if you let them happen' but he becomes increasingly desperate as the story progresses and the audience are caught up in his anguish as his mental health disintegrates. He seeks medical help but cannot communicate his feelings and fears to a nurse or in a help group.

The final scene sees him calling a helpline in utter desperation. The audience share his helplessness as we watch him call out, stripped to his underwear and curled up on the floor, he conveys complete despair. Life is just too difficult for this private, awkward individual.

The acting was superb and you feel that this is a young actor who will go far - not the cheeriest afternoon I've spent in OranMor but no denying the ability of the team involved in this production.

The set design was simple but effective and the technical devices made a skilful contribution - particularly the sound effects - the acting was superb.

  • Directed by Paddy Cunneen
  • Design - kirsty Mackay
  • Technicians - Duncan Taylor, David McInteyre, David Gleeson, Chris McMikllan, Iain Graham
  • Stage Manager - Andy Dempsey
  • Design Assistant - Sam Forsyth
  • Associate producer - Rony Bridges
  • Designer - Rita McGurn
  • Producer - David MacLennan

Pat Byrne - 11th may, 2007

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