Review - 54% Acrylic

A play a pie and a pint at Oran Mor

?54% Acrylic? by David Harrower

Review by Gillian Devine

It was my first time at a play a pie and a pint and wasn't sure, apart from the obvious, what to expect. Ordered myself a glass of wine and a pie and sat down at a table with all the other lunch time theatre goers. I brought my pal Claire a drama tutor along to see what she thought. It was very informal which I enjoyed, everyone scoffing a pie and waiting in anticipation for the show. A few familiar faces were around us, it was nice to see other well known actors supporting the event.

54% Acrylic has only two cast members Gerry and Marion played by Paul Blair and Jennifer Hainey. The movement of the play was interesting; it was set in the round therefore kept you focussed. You had to choose whether to watch one actor delivering their line or the reaction of the other. The timing between the two was effective, a strong performance from both. The theme was very simplistic, something that happens everyday however Gerry's detailed account of his job was delivered with passion. It was possibly a little too dramatic for a store detective but then what would I know? Both characters spoke in the past and present tense which was directed well. I also liked the way that even with only one prop, a green dress, you could visualise every scene.

For a somewhat dark storyline there were several humorous points thanks to the portrayal of the realistic, recognisable characters. Not to mention the voice over from Gregor Fisher who had us all laughing out loud many times. On reflection the play was well performed, successfully directed with a good technical team.

What a great way to spend an afternoon, I will be back again.

Gillian Devine

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