Red Bee Society Flourishes in Glasgow

Photo: bees.A red bee society has been discovered in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens in the city?s west end earlier this year (2005). The find was made by workers on the Kibble Palace who contacted Glasgow University's Zoology Department. Studies were made of the bees, believed to be from South America, which will be published early in the New Year. The bees belong to the genus Andrena. It is as yet unknown how the bees made it to Scotland as the distance is too great for bees to fly and it?s possible that the variety has been brought into the UK through illegal channels. It is estimated that around 30-50 bees may be living and feeding in the park but as yet a hive has not been located. It is believed that the bees are increasing in number and look like they will become a permanent resident of the gardens.

Photo: red bees. Professor E. Gantry
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