How to Sell your Glasgow Property Quickly

You probably have a lovely house in Glasgow that your family loved for several years. But if the children have grown up and gone their own ways now the time has come to sell it; in these cases you may be able take your own sweet time to sell. But to settle an estate of one of the partners on the deed because of bereavement or divorces, or to move abroad for work or to follow your dreams, you may need to move a little quicker. How can you sell your house quickly and still get a good price for it?

Make any Needed Repairs

You need to check your Glasgow home out thoroughly for defects that need to be corrected before a sale. This is a mistake many sellers don't attend to. You can't look at your house as if it were twenty years ago; you need to really look for the defects. Otherwise, small things that are overlooked can take away from the selling price.

Does your Glasgow home need painting...maybe a new roof? These are all things you need to check into before you can put a price on the property. Get a housing inspector out to look over the property and give a professional opinion of what should be done.

Get your House Valued

Once the house is in good shape, then get professional valuation to see how much it is actually worth so you get a fair price for it. Once this is settled then contact a few real estate offices to list it with. Do not take an exclusive contract though because that could impede the sale. If you have, several estate agents working on your property the more likely it will sell quickly. You can place your own advertisements as well in local papers with real estate sections and use the online estate listing sites that are available to you.

What Makes a Good Ad'?

You will need to write an ad that will excite prospective buyers about the house: an advertisement that will make people want to see it. If you are good at writing ads then go ahead and write your own; otherwise hire someone to write up an ad.

Is the house in the country; is it a turn of the century property that has been refurbished? Maybe it is a good place to raise kids. Think of your house as if you were a buyer, not a seller and describe the things you see that make your house special in your ad. Get a friend or neighbor to describe your property to you and write from their description. Usually a neighbor will be honest in his or her observations.

Open House Viewing

Have an open house on weekends; advertise the event as an open house tour on your property. Have it furnished and neat looking so when people come to see it they can get a feel of the house and how it would be living there. It's better to have your house decorated neutrally so that people can imagine themselves in the property, rather than be overwhelmed with your decor, no matter how tasteful and stylish you may think it is.

Set the Scene

You need to stage your house so people can imagine the lifestyle that comes with it. That way they can more easily imagine themselves living there.

If you know how to bake, make a couple of apple pies or hide a potpourri of the smell in the kitchen. Kitchen smells make a house feel friendly and habitable.

Do you have children? If you want to appeal to the families then have your kids and a couple friends playing in the yard to show the house is child friendly. A well-behaved dog would not hurt the image either.

If you aren't overwhelmed by people, a coffeepot in the kitchen or teapot ready to serve is another good idea. Anything that you can do to make your home seem friendly and inviting when someone comes in to look around will help your house sell more easily.

If you stick to this formula, you should have success in a fast sale. As a last resort, contact a real estate agent that specializes in selling fast and guarantees it by giving you a cash sale before they then sell your house on themselves. You may lose money but the house will be sold quickly.

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