Financing your New Home in Glasgow

Photo: Glasgow West End terrace. House hunting can be quite a challenge. You can hire a property finder to help you out and make sure you are getting a good deal if you want to, which is a good idea if you live far outside of Glasgow when you need to look for your property. They have the experience and they can ask all the questions for you. But if you are doing this on your own then you should start, before even looking at a house, with the money situation and figure out how much house you can afford.

Online Calculators

There are numerous online calculators that you can use to get an idea of how much you can get for a mortgage; some of this depends on whether you have a deposit or not. Once you have decided how much you can afford to pay for a house then you can decide where you want to look for your home. Keep in mind you will probably be in it for many years before you decide to sell and go on to something else. Do you want a neighborhood with kids and schools close by? Are you going to have kids or do you already have a couple?

Are you interested in a new house, having one built or are you more into the older homes?

Once you have an idea of what you want for your new home and the area you want to look in then check out the neighborhood around the place that is for sale; go there at different times during the day and night. In addition, do not forget weekends, to see how active it is there or if it is reasonably quiet.

If this meets your expectations then contact the estate agent to arrange a viewing of the house and ask more questions of the owners: how long has it been on the market? Perhaps even why it is being sold? And look for obvious things to take note of like if it is in good repair or is it in need of some serious work? Get a surveyors? home inspection done before you buy; as this can tell you a lot about the house and its condition too. It may also e a condition of your mortgage that you get such a check.

Contact your Lenders

Keep your potential lenders informed of your property search and what you want to buy. The lender needs to see that the house is in good condition usually before they will be willing to lend you the money. Also, you may want additional funding to repair and do up the house, especially an older property. A bank or building society is much better disposed towards borrowers who keep them informed and make sensible property choices.

Property Expenses

Ask what the property taxes are and if there are any other type of fees like association dues, communal maintenance costs or things like that on the house that you, the new owner, will have to pay. There are so many questions that the prospective homeowner can ask that it is a good idea to write them down before checking out a property because maybe you will have new questions by the time you to a walk through of the house.

Legal Stuff

Get a solicitor experienced in Scottish property law to look after your interests when the time comes for the paperwork and the signing. That way your rights are protected rather than just going into the situation blindly. Remember you will have your home for many years,; do the best you can to get the best deal for your family.

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