Checking Out Property in Glasgow West End

Photo: Southpark Avenue. You are probably paying a lot of money for your house and you need to make sure you are getting something in good repair or that you know what repairs will need to be done ahead of buying the property. Here are a few tips that may help you decide as you look at properties.


How is the roof? While you don't need to climb all the way up to look at it, a quick visual inspection will tell you if the tiles are tight or if there are any loose and sticking up, if they are warped in any way or missing.


Next check the windows and see if they are tight and unbroken, especially if they are original windows. Are the panes tight? Are their gaps here and there of missing putty that will let in cold and heat? What does the frame look like on the outside?


Give any wall finishes a quick check and continue inside the house.

Check the windows again, look for loose and broken panes and rotting wood; if the sills are rotting check the wall under the window too. It could be rotten too.


Next check the taps in the house and make sure they all work and don't leak. How is the water pressure?

Next go to the basement if there is one, as there often is, especially in older Glasgow properties. Check the pipes and beams to see if they are in good shape or not, any signs of insects or mice should be noticed too. Look at the hot water heater too if there is one and note its condition. If it is 10 years old or more you can be sure it will need replacing soon. Go to the bathroom and check the toilet; make sure it isn't leaking around the base.


The next thing you might want to check out is the neighbourhood and how it is kept up: is the street generally tidy? are the lawns all neat? if there are hedges, are they trimmed and neat in general? What about the other houses in the area? Are they well kept up?

How close are the shopping centres and schools to this address? Is it a bus and/or train route? You should visit the neighborhood at different times of the day too; it can be very quiet during the day when everyone is at work or school and be a noise filled screamfest the rest of the time.

Take your Time

Don't make a snap decision: think about it for a little while. If the real estate agent seems too eager to make a sale be wary; there could be something s/he isn't telling you.

Talk to the present owners of the house and see what it has been like living there. (Watch out if they too are very eager.)

Once you have checked the house and neighborhood out to your satisfaction, wait a day or so after checking the house over; make sure it is where you really want to live If you're sure, it is time to look for a mortgage, get a survey done to check out the property.

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