FotoBareesta Coffee Bar and Photo Development

Photo: screen. 48 Woodlands Road Glasgow G3 6UR. tel: 0141 332 2808

Completely innovative and very useful FotoBareesta is certain to be a very popular addition to 21st century cafe culture society in Glasgow's West End. Just pop in with your USB and enjoy some delicious sandwiches or homebaking and leave with a great looking photobook or unique gift such as a mug, jigsaw, canvas or t-shirt sporting one of your images

The great idea for this service sprung from a complaint that many of us share - accumulating masses of images on our computers, camera phones and digital cameras but doing nothing with them. FotoBareesta provides the perfect opportunity to have these developed very efficiently in a relaxing and attractive environment. Described by owners Asif Ali and Andleeb Ahmed as:

"the love child that would result from a union between the likes of Starbucks and Jessops"

Photo: counter.There has been great attention to detail with regard to the refurbishment of the premises which has a very fresh, modern and relaxing ambience.

Considerable thought has also gone into the range of services and products available, these include:

  • Electronic point of sale - do it yourself service
  • Free Wifi
  • Facebooks
  • Photo albums

  • Plus a range of gifts, which can be personalised with your choice of image - these include mugs, jigsaws, canvasses and t-shirts.
  • film development

The cafe is not simply an add-on extra but integral to FotoBareesta and attractive in its own right with tasty, fresh sandwiches, delicious homebaking, and superb danesi coffee.

Photo: mugs. When I popped along to have a look there was a real mixture of customers - some just in to relax with friends and enjoy a chat, others enquiring about the specialist photographic services and othrs using the free Wifi. I suspect the next time I pass that way that FotoBareesta is going to be doing some very impressive trade.

Contact details

FotoBareesta, 48 Woodlands Road,
Woodlands (Nr. Charing Cross),
Glasgow G3 6UR.
Telephone: 0141 332 2808

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