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Chris Dooks is signed to French electronica label bip-hop, and has a folktronica album currently out here. He's directed arts documentaries for television including a South Bank Show here. The Sunday Herald called him a polymath, but Chris thought this too high fallutin' so he renamed himself something more shambolic. Welcome to the West End's Arty-Muso-Writer-Polymash.

And listen to his West End radio shows here :- (http://bovine.50webs.org)

In his own words...

"My role has morphed, evolved or adapted over the years to the point where my vocation of polymash seems accurate. Despite high-brow intentions, I am a cheeky and approachable artist who makes aesthetically sensitive videos and photographs, conceptual web projects and tours plus immersive audio visual installations. In recent years my work is enjoying a back-to-basics approach. Sometimes just words or laptop folky electronica. I have the dying embers of a record deal. Stories about Salamanders and parthenogenesis (virgin birthing)."

Chris is going to be uploading local photography, sound files and links every month and will be taking part in this year's West End festival with an eight hour ambient music in Glasgow University's Chapel here

Sunday 1 Jun 2008

Free Download of Cult Radio Show Recorded in The West End!!!

Every 2 months or sooner this year I've been making an hour long radio show which has usually been done on location. This last one was recorded with my friend Alex Norris around The Museum of Transport. Entitled The PPEE Special, it stands for POST-PUBLIC-ENEMY-EDITION as we both went to see the historically important performance of Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back!" live at the ABC in Sauchiehall Street.

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE for FREE! http://bovine.50webs.org

Thursday 29 May 2008


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