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I don't know anyone who thinks that the UK joining in the bombing of Raqqa is a good idea.   It's not exactly going to significantly up the scale – the Government are openly admitting this – so what is the point?  The bombing that has been going on for a long long time has not stopped terrorist attacks by the IS and obviously innocent civilians will be at risk. 

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Its viagra politics.


The UK's knackered old fleet of Tornado strike aircraft won't make the slightest difference - just more chance of innocents being blown to kingdom come - but Dave will feel 'like he's the man'.


As for the Blairites in the labour party, shame on them.  Hilary Benn, you shame your legacy.  

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He is a despicable man, tig. The Herald reports that 72% of Scots are opposed to the bombing while 54% of English are for bombing.  Looks as though we could be dragged into a war we don't want. 

Cameron has not got a thing right on this.  He talks of 70,000 troops on the ground – the only thing is, this is no cohesive group aimed a fighting ISIS  – many of them see Assad as the enemy. Just like our PM did back in 2013.  He also reckons there are 20,000 OR MAYBE 30,000 ISIS in Raqqa.  So much for his Intelligence.  Obviously if these numbers stacked up then ISIS would have been given pelters.

The ground troops aren't even all in the area but such is the arrogance of Cameron, he could be deluded enough to think that the UK will find these ground troops waiting ready and willing to do his bidding. 

And, I do not believe for one minute that Brimstone bombs are capable of checking people's IDs and avoiding killing civilians. 

Furthermore, what is this 'head of the snake' emotive garbage.  He can't seriously think that if the head honcho of ISIS happens to be killed in Raqqa that the terrorists in France, England, Iraq, Belgium etc etc will disappear?  I think that what bombing will achieve will be further radicalisation and greater insecurity.

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He should have apologised, Veronica. He's a very arrogant man. Anyway, here we go. We can be reassured that those super accurate bombers will slightly lessen collateral damage – the euphemism for dead civilians.

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