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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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How's that then, Willie?  The voice is subjective and I think hers is a cracker but if you don't like it then you don't. But what is it you don't like about her? She comes over as a lot less taken on with herself than most of them and she's got a big personality if no the best taste in dresses and no minute Kylie.

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Happy Christmas Miss Veronica.Adele?

Undoubtedly talented,but the voice goes on and on.I can't bear listening to her for more than one rendition.It's too harsh.To me,and it is absolutely subjective,I find her pretence at being Mrs Ordinary, with the merchant banker husband,who just came in from Lidle and wrote a few songs,just too phoney. As Phil Collins said of her,"She's a slippery little fish" It's like that professional Bow Bells Mockney actor Ray Winstone.All 3 grand Saville Row suits,and diamond geezer credentials.But not really,and not recently.

Kylie?She is long past her thinly spread best.Her very expensively ticketed shows consist of her singing a line,walking a few steps,posing,and then repeating this 'til the song is finished,whilst all the time being surrounded by frenzied,be-sequined dancers,and strongly voiced backing singers filling the void.

Bah humbug,or maybe my age or just the way I am feeling.

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Spot on on Kylie, willie. Definitely a case of style over substance – if you like that style. I think of the female singers doing the rounds that Adele is one of the stronger. No intention of buying any of her music though. I've seen her interviewed a couple of times and got the impression that she wasn't so driven and more grounded than many show biz celebs. I'm more of a Bette Midler fan, although, my absolute favourite was Etta James.

I've got a soft spot for Paloma Faith – her personality rather than her voice. 

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