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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

Seen any good filums?

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October/November has been good months for films?  

The Lobster

Weird, wonder, quirky and devastating. Bit low on feel good factor - probably not one to see if you are feeling a bit fed up.


Lots of people saying that this wasn't as good as Skyfall but I liked it.  London scrubs up well, Q is adorable and Christopher Wise as Blofeld was brilliant!  


A love story beautifully and tenderly portrayed, of a time when life seemed much more "innocent."   Julie Walters seems in her element as Mrs Kehoe. 

Wrapped and and 'fectious, I took myself off to see The Lady in the Van and loved it.  Maggie Smith really deserves an Oscar nomination for her portrayal as Ms Shephard and Alex Jennings is superb.  Nice wee indy film which makes a change from the blockbusters...

Planning on seeing the Steve Jobs film next week and I think that's me done for the year!   The new Star Wars is going to be a hard sell for me.





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I slept through some of Spectre and was disappointed in the music. Liked the young M and the older bond 'girl' but can't remember much about it.  The Dressmaker was a farce too far but Brooklyn was brilliant, although, the lead actress Seorsa Ronan, was so good she made Tony - the lead man- look feeble.

Don't know how most people in London can afford the flicks.  The prize of tickets is extortionate and no concessions for some shows.

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not seen spectre yet but in the last few weeks ive seen...

(trying to remember them)

fantastic 4 (best one yet id say...but just generally ok)

air...very good...reminded me of "moon"

the martian was very good too

american ultra was really good but a bit gory towards the end for my hangover that day so i had to look away a lot.

400 days .... quite similar to air but a bit confusing and a lot of it didnt make any sense and absolutely nothing was cleared up at the end..

maze runner 2.... (same as the first one really...ie no bad, but thats it)

a couple of documentaries too.... cowspiracy was quite good and a bit of an eye opener.

seen a couple more too but cant remember at the mo.

i rarely go to the flix, way too expensive and ive never ever really liked it anyway...too many adverts, too loud, too hot and usually some numpty making noises.

tend not to watch any tv these days so just stick a film or doc on when ive got the chance.

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Pat you should watch the doc called "the flat earth society"

its obviously total nonsense but the way he tries to convince you by saying things like "if the earth was ball shaped your shadow would float behind you" and "air travel wouldnt be possible"

makes the whole thing hilarious 

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I never go to the big name cinemas and the wee independents like the Notting Hill Gate Cinema and the Hampstead Everyman do reduced tickets on Mondays.

I finally caught the Barney Thompson filum on Itunes... not sure about that one:/

Loved Roman Polanski's Venus in Furs, of the book and the song made famous by The Velvet Underground.

I'll be pinching a few off your list, tigs.:)



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