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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

Gibson Street Gala 31 May, 2015

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Gibson Street and Eldon Street, Kelvinbridge G12

12:00pm – 6 p.m.

Gibson Street Gala is the perfect way to spend a day in the lead up to the West End Festival

Earth, Wind, Fire and Water is the theme – looks out for activities based on the elements.


You can expect an array of entertainment and events including: children’s activities, artists’ displays, stalls and delicious food. Gibson Street has some of the best cafes, bars and restaurants in the area and local traders will be tempting you to sample their products.

Gibson Street Gala is organised by the local residents of GOW – the popular gala day takes place in the area of the West End where Woodlands meets.Hillhead. The gala offers a wide range of activities with free music stages, stalls, art displays, children's activities, tea and entertainment in St Silas Church, the back court at GOW, Otago Street and Otago Lane and under the bridge.

gow-gg3-150x150.jpg climbing-wall-gg-150x150.jpg dancers-gg-150x150.jpg
Children's Activities

Lots of events for the kids – head to Otago Street for puppets, princesses, arts and crafts and more and check out the

KIdzone Otago St
Kidzone Eldon St
Kidzone Hillhead Primary School

- See more at: http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/the-gibson-street-gala-sunday-31-may-2015/#sthash.Sxme6SvU.dpuf

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I am going along rain hail or sunshine.

It's supposed to be wet in the morning and clear up in the afternoon. They had a rotten day last year so I hope they get at least some sunshine. They put so much effort into the gala. Great day.

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way too many "art" stalls this year i thought.

took me half an hour and a whole loop of the area to find a burger stall lol

Ha ha. Good to see you posting, tig. I enjoyed GOW and we hung out in Offshore when the rain came on. I enjoyed a good chat with some Canadians. I wasn't on the burger hunt but wonder if there was less outoor sizzling because of the rain?

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