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Give Art Fundraiser 5 April

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Give Art Fundraiser, Record Factory, Sunday 5 April, 2015


Sunday, 5 April 2015 from 19:30 to 23:00

Join us at Record Factory for an evening of comedy & music to raise funds for GIVE ART, a community project for children and young people, providing creative supplies to those who rely on food banks.

Tickets £5

Buy tickets

Record Factory, 17 Byres Road, Glasgow G11 5RD



"Ahm jist a wummin, staunin in front ae her country, askin em tae stop bein ."

Comedy singer-songwriter extraordinaire Zara Gladman joins the bill for some comic relief. You may have heard of Zara from her prominent contributions to the independence campaign last year, but Lady Alba has a much larger repertoire - her songs cover topics such as: being angry at the government, being angry at ukip, being angry at sexism, being angry at glasgow city council... If you're not angry, you're not paying attention!


"I thought that if you had an acoustic guitar, that it meant that you were a protest singer."

Fresh from supporting the likes of Squeeze and Ocean Colour Scene, Glasgow based Singer/Songwriter Declan Welsh brings his full band to sing songs about going out, getting out, politics, love, sex & relationships. All with a touch of humour,


"If Ben Folds were a 19 year old girl from Inverness, he'd probably sound something like this."

Singer-songwriter originally from the Highlands but now based in Glasgow. Playing original music since the age of fifteen, Josephine burst onto the Highland scene after playing a support set for Carol Laula on her 2010 tour. Since then, she has played esteemed festivals and venues throughout the UK as well as gigs in Amsterdam and Sweden. Josephine has recently released her debut EP, followed by a Scottish Tour.

About Give Arts

Give Art is a community project for children & young people, providing creative materials to those who rely on food banks.

Our aim is to give children and young people the space and resources to enjoy art, be creative and become inspired.

Almost one million adults and children relied on UK food banks for emergency food supplies in 2013-2014, and the rise in use of food banks shows no signs of slowing down. We want to make sure that children have the chance to maintain and develop an inspirational and creative childhood.

There's a generation of architects , game designers, painters, sculptors and engineers out there who gained their initial skills and inspiration from scribbling with a pencil or biro on scraps of paper.

We believe that creativity at a young age is important. Whether it is drawing a picture, painting a landscape or designing a dream car, the space to create new ideas and enjoy art is essential to every young upbringing.

Do you have questions about GIVE ART? Contact Art Retail Network
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