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Kelvin Park Early Years Centre Saved

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Kelvin Park Early Years Centre is SAVED!!!

Keep Kelvin Park Early Years Centre on site

14 Feb 2015 β€” Thank you for your support. Kelvin Park Early Years Centre will NOT be closed. This Council Nursery is SAVED and will stay on site and the 100+ children who use this nursery will be able to continue their time there. This nursery serves many families in Hillhead, Kelvingrove, Woodlands and Park. We are delighted for the staff also that they will continue to work together as a team and continue their amazing work supporting children and their families.

We welcome the emphatic decision of the Elected Members of Glasgow City Council who voted in favour of the retaining the Early Years Centre on the site it was custom built for.

It’s loss would have had far reaching effects both in the locality and undermined Early Years policy throughout the rest of the city. We would also like to place on record as a statement of fact that the retention of the Early Years Centre has had no bearing on the need for a review of the catchment area, and that this process would have been undertaken whether the Early Years Centre was retained or not.

The Early Years Centre is not and has never been a competing resource with regard to the School, but a significant complimentary facility that has transitioned over 127 children to the School since it opened.

The Keep Kelvin Early Years campaign, has from the beginning, had significant support from Early Years parents, Hillhead School parents, and many families who have children in both flagship facilities. We have always sought to find an agreed approach for the space management issues at the School, and will continue to do so. We would like to thank again all those who supported and who continue to support us, and look forward to ensuring that the both Early Years Centre and School remain flagship facilities delivering a high standard of education to all the children on campus.

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