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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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Hello Everyone

Very Briefly..In the summer of love (1967) my mother (Sue) went from Carlisle to Blackpool for a holiday (age 17), met a young Scottish, musician guy called James, from Glasgow and had a holiday romance.

They took photos together, exchanged addresses and then went their separate ways..Many weeks later she found herself pregnant, had lost his address and so in vain went back to Blackpool to the B&B where he had stayed but there was no record listed for him.

So, i was born, my mother had to go and seek social help and as was then the system, she had to give the only evidence of the father

(a photo of my mum and James) to the Social Dept, which they subsequently lost.

I am now 46 years of age. An artist but with musical abilities. Where is James i wonder..? Can you help as he would only be in his mid-sixties or thereabouts. You can look at me for any resemblance on my Swiss website: www.wandelbar-art-international.com

With the kindest regards

Marc Rome

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Hi Marc,

this may be of help to you.It certainly got the result I was looking for, with not much information to work on at the time.

I tried to contact my biological father around ten years ago,after both my parents had died, with no success.He was a saxophonist with the Oscar Rabin Orchestra,which in the 40s and 50s were very big indeed.Someone told me to contact the Salvation Army tracing services,who, for a small fee,and with little information,can undertake tracing" missing"people.This is an experienced and well oiled machine at getting results.At the same time,my oldest friend from school,and a musician herself, told me that my father,being a professional musician , would be on the register of musicians.A number of phone calls later to that organisation,who were so helpful incidentally,and they were able to give me his last known address in Hastings.

In the very same week,and around three weeks after they started the search,two people from the Salvation Army arrived at my house telling me they had traced him,and would act as go-between to find out if he wished to make contact.Indeed we did,but the outcome was not too successful.

You just want to know though,don't you?

Your story is very touching,and perhaps the aforementioned may be of help.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says"it is better sometimes to travel in hope than to arrive",but I wish you every success,whilst urging you to manage your expectations,


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In 1990, I used the Salvation Army service to trace my mother, who had gone "missing" in 1960. They found her but the outcome was unsatisfactory, so I hired a Private Investigator and the outcome was that we made contact. Without a full name the task is difficult but it is not impossible. I think the lead through the Musician's Register is a great idea, Wills and your point about managing expectations is well made. We must have a catch up on that one the next time I am in Glasgow:)

Good luck Marc.

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