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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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Tourism in Glasgow is big business. But what do you show your visitors to give them the ‘real’ Glasgow experience?

What are your unmissable sights and experiences of the city?

Join Glasgow City Heritage Trust in Sloans’ Grand Ballroom on 20.03.13 to discuss the visitor experience in Glasgow and how the city “sells itself”. This is an opportunity to debate with a range of tourism professionals what you think Glasgow is all about.

A panel of specialists including Peter Russell, former Principal of the City’s International Office and advisor to the Provost; Gary Brown, Director of independent company Student Tours Scotland; Anne Mulhern, Proprietress of the Willow Tea Rooms and Michael Traynor, former taxi tour-guide from Glasgow Taxis will join a debate on what makes Glasgow a magical city to visit!


Wednesday 20th March 2013
The Grand Ballroom, Sloans, Argyll Arcade, Glasgow

£5/£3 students/complimentary to Friends of GCHT

Call us on 0141 5521331 or email info@glasgowheritage.org.uk to reserve your place!


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Hope this provides some answers and ideas as tourism in Glasgow should certainly be big business but lags behind Edinburgh. Okay, that's the capital and they have the Castle and the festival and I love a trip through to Auld Reekie as much as anyone but I think Glasgow could do much better in the tourist stakes.

At the moment the focus seems to be on pulling people in for Conferences, for a week-end trip to the shops and for Festivals. The city in itself should be an attraction. There are many unmissable sights and experiences but a change of attitude is needed to help develop and maintain some attractions.

The West End is one of the major attractions with the University, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Hunterian and the Botanics. It also has some quirky little shops and interesting lanes to explore. Transport is easy with plenty of buses along Great Western Road and Dumbarton Road and the Subway is of great advantage. There's some fabulous architecture, great restaurants and bars.

However, plenty could be done to improve the area. Wonderful 'Greek' Thomson buildings have trees and weeds growing out of them and Byres Road would be a much greater attraction if there was more variety of shops and fewer charity shops. There are many entrepreneurs keen to create imaginative businesses. How about a leg up from the Council? Seems to me a bit of vision would help with tourism and that pulls money into the city and has a far more positive impact than extortionate rates, which curb growth and destroy the High Street.

There are certain areas and attractions in the inner city that deserve some attention with a view to encouraging development and support should be given to our artisans, Two such areas are Finnieston and the area around Saltmarket and the Trongate. It's amazing what has been achieved, surrounded as they are by seediness, - without any input from the Council. They should really grasp these regenerative opportunities but, of course, community development is old hat.

A typical example of failing to understand tourism is how the historical flea market at The Biriggait was lost. Every major city needs its flea markets. I could rant on this topic all day but I better get back to promoting Glasgow's West End. and do some updating on the site. :-)

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That's good to hear, harper. I must have been in the Art School hundreds of times and it's a place you could never tire of. Absolutely fascinating architecture and atmosphere. When are you coming up for a stroll round? :)

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