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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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Hi all, I'm coming up from Southampton on the 25th Oct for 4 nights staying at the brilliant Kelvin Hotel in Buckingham Terrace again. If any of you want to meet like last time for a wee drink and a good laugh, say at the Lismore in Dumbarton Rd, or the Curlers again, let me know please,


Look forward to hearing all your news, Graham. The Lismore sounds good for a wee change. How about Friday 26th?

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did the meet happen ? I remember when the man posted last year and last year I thought "lucky bugger"...issit a year past or more ?


It certainly did, tam. Hope we get a few people together again to welcome Graham back for another visit to Partick. :)

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Great to catch up with Graham and lynnski. Give us a shout next time you're heading north, Graham. Congratulations on your new wee granddaughter and if you write a review on the Kelvin Hotel then I'll put it up on the site. It's great when you want to return to the same place again and again. :)

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