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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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On Channel 4, Sundays at 9. Anybody watching it? Episode 6 was on last night, and the ending was just, well, WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT??!! :lol: It started kinda slowly, but by the end of episode 2 we were hooked.


Didn't think I would like this so gave it a miss. I watched another programme last week that was on for four nights , it was called "One Night" I loved the theme music at the beginning but cannot find any info on it, anyone see/hear it know what it was.

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Oops! :lol: I'm no reading that, there will be spoilers surely?!!

I meant to watch it and have recorded a couple of programmes but I'm so far behind that I doubt I'll be organised enough to see it.

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Spoilers are not allowed.

Okay, cheers Dex, I shall give that a read over. I'm still certain Brody is not an innocent, especially with the ending of episode 8...!

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