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auto text errors

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I'm driving everyone bonkers with the auto correct on my phone.

In response to an invitation from my son. I replied: "I'll see Never the time"

I followed this up with "I meant eater" Eventually I managed to write 'nearer'.

Mind you not as funny as some that I've read:

"I love you"

"I love you too"

"Don't forget that"

"I never wipe" :rolleyes:

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My phone changed 'sultanas' to 'supreme' earlier. :lol:

I got another 'what are you on about?' text from my son today.

I thought I was being helpful - he had sent me a message saying that he needed to get more exercise and I replied:

"you should start with some gentle hogs" - that should have been 'yoga'. :rolleyes:

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