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Hurricane Irene ...

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New York City (and a number of other Sates) bracing itself for the arrival of Hurricane Irene. People told to evacute certain areas and the transport system has been closed down. Very scary indeed.


The Guardian reports that 65 million people could be in harm's way, or the path of the hurricane. It's looking very serious and the first time in its history that the subway in New York has ever been closed.


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New York is directly in the path of the hurricane which is expected to hit around 6 a.m. Sunday morning. People have been very reluctant to leave their homes and Bloomberg, 300,000 have been evacuated but those who have not moved are now being advised to stay at home.

There have been nine casualties so far including an 11 year boy who died when a tree came through the roof of the family home in Virginia.

Boston is also closing down its transport system. The storm now seems to be blowing winds of up to 80 mph. The heavy rain is causing flooding.


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Irene didn't exactly peter out but was downgraded to a storm. The major damage will be counted in terms of money rather than lives, although, it looks like around 15 people died - some of them in car crashes where traffic lights were out.

Hopefully it will soon have run its course.

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