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Storm: genderless baby

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All seems incredibly narcissistic to me. ... The weans are probably exisitng on a diet of mung beans and lentils anaw. laugh.gif

When my son was at primary school there was a mother who wouldn't let her daughter attend birthday parties if the parents weren't serving vegan food. This wasn't for dietry or medical problems. It was a lifestyle choice that was being forced on the weans. She was a right miserable sod and sadly,so was her daughter.

Personally, I think this type of behaviour is a form of agression and they all need a good kick up the backside (nothing passively agressive about me tongue.gif ) ... but don't get me started on *finger speak marks* therapists and their ilk *finger speak marks*. God, I'd be here all day.laugh.gif

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I saw this article last night on the BBC website - not sure about it being too stupid for words - seems more like a form of psychological abuse to me, with a pair of idiots using their child as an experiment for their idiotic ideas :blink:

I think that quite apart from any moral issues that the 'experiment' is pretty flawed. Surely the child is going to attract an unusual degree of scrutiny?

I don't know that children fit readily into gender prescribed boxes. There are wee girly girls who love their prams and dresses and other wee girls who love their dungarees and football. I think it is good to see kids being allowed to follow their dreams and use their attributes. Quite a few very talented male Irish dancers among the throngs of wee girls in the film JIG.

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I agree with Borderlass. This smacks of some sort of social experiment and isn't something to which parents should be subjecting their kids. They can have no idea of the potential psycholigical effects this could have on the child - over and above having to answer to such a stupid name.

Chances are, that at a very early age, the child will be subjected to abuse, ridicule and physical attempts to illicit his / her true gender. The more this world (supposedly) develops, the more I wonder where it is all heading.

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