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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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Researchers have found that labeling produce organic tricks the brain into believing that its healthier and tastes better - even when there's no difference. A study carried out at Cornell University has shown that in fast food restaurants serving 'healthier' food people tend to eat more.


I'm a sucker for this sort of halo effect. Tell me something is good for me and I almost automatically like it. :lol:

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I have the completely opposite response. Tell me something is good for me and I avoid it like the plague..... like tofu.rolleyes.gif

Interesting findings... I can see how that would work.

Like that carob stuff. I had often enough read about how terribly good it was, alternative to chocolate, etc., but having no objection to caffeine or theobromine, had never felt moved to try it. But one day a friend offered me a bit of it, and I said "oh, yes, have read/heard of this and often meant to try it, tastes a bit like chocolate, is that right?"

But it was not like chocolate at all. ph34r.gif Not at all, at all!

Friend then helpfully remarked "yes, it is said to taste a little like chocolate, but it tastes a lot like a blackboard eraser". I put it out of my mouth into a tissue and he said "oh, easier just to throw it out of the car window - I suppose it must be biodegradable at least", but I wonder whether the nearby cows, sheep and even the seagulls might have been poisoned by it. And it must surely take a lot to poison the average seagull. ohmy.gif

I daresay I would give it another try if circumstances forced to me to make a chocolate cake for someone who has a dislike of/an intolerance to chocolate. But I would be a lot more likely to avoid the bother and make something else.

Also, why did friend seem to know what a blackboard eraser would taste like? Ye gods, there must have been some really old-time punishments at his school. ohmy.gif

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Carob is almost as minging and absurd as veggie bacon. rolleyes.gif It tastes a bit like textured carboard, it's totally bland.... If all three were on the menu, personally I'd go for the blackboard eraser every time. laugh.gif

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I think your approach is much too simplistic. Clearly chocolate is good for you. Research shows that it can be beneficial to health in various ways e.g. prevent cancer and heart disease - in moderation of course. :lol:

A wee bit of plain dark chocolate can fairly cheer you up and the psychological benefits of food cannot be ignored. I think any Scottish person who goes too long without some toast made from plain bread (preferably the outsider) is in danger of becoming miserable. No tae mention boringly smug. :lol:

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