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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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pure gorgeousness LG/Oz :huh:

That owl? is amazing in it's camouflage

I'm also delighted with this happy snappy start to this day, IonaW.

Well done, guys. Looking forward to many more.

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Mouth of the Hawkesbury at Broken Bay


Lion Island Mouth of Hawkesbury


Desert Do'nuts Simpson Desert


Nae mines ..google

Pic is not of idiots doing do'nuts for the hell of it on a claypan. They are building speed to get over dune on right of pic without bogging

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I've forgotten how to post photo's on the forum, advice please.

You have to upload them to somewhere to 'host' them, like Photobucket, then copy n paste the image link from there. Or, upload your photos to a flickr account and simply post a link people can follow, like this:


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Guest westtender

Westies old Avatar....still waiting.....



Well he, sitting as he is (actually I think that's a she) at one of the doors of the Mugdock visitor centre, :P looks to be a whole lot mair relaxed & resigned than oors ever is.


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