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Ye cannae go aff topic oan this threid...

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ye you know its bollo....shi.....baw...rubbish when the claim comes from a "sniper" and the police say theyl "scope" out the info

daily fail fantasy land me thinks.

i agree most of the news is not actual news at all.

most of the news we get is middle/upper class scaremonger news i believe.

the economy and politics for instance... it effects us all but is your average joe(sephine) isnt interested really...or at least not interested enough to be constantly bombarded with it.

its even starting to take over the local news leaving us with very little actual "news" about whats actually gong on around us and what actually effects us

and the main stream media tow the party line no matter what...news of atrocities gets buried and never mentioned while we all stare at points of % going up and down and "economists" all arguing whether its good or bad.

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Not really news but I have mice; nae idea how they get in but getting rid of them is proving to be a challenge I am not up to. I hate the killing and loath the burying. I have moth balls and dryer sheets all over the place but still they come, or perhaps remain is what they are doing. Traps do get set and bait from traps is usually gone from the un-tripped traps.

Hope this isnae one of thais things thit are sent tae "test us"....i've a lifetime of failure so surely the lord of creation disnae need mair proof of my shortcomings.

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