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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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Good morning from here, afternoon is later for me. I was on another web site, ready to post on the "coffee" thread, post was to be about a coffee I had while visiting Dear Auld. Glasgow. The man sitting across from me was Robert, (HollowHorn) and my mind strayed, galloped and leapt back twelve years, a not too long a time period when one is old. I was being introduced to Robert's Glasgow. He had camera to hand.

It was a Saturday, seated out of doors, a posh sort of place and Robert knew the Chef. Robert had a pint and I a magnificent coffee. Robert chased up the Chef and I was introduced. Cannae for the life of me remember the man's name. He did not know the name of the coffee but did find out it was a blend, Arabian and something else from Spain, maybe Italy or France.

And then we were off, old buildings, alley ways, buildings where parts had worn off revealing greetings from many, many years ago. The man loved Glasgow, his life and was very generous with his time.

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That was a lovely memory, Tam.  Robert (Hollowhorn) was a very enthusiastic, entertaining and thoroughly likeable man.  Big loss.  Here is a link to many of Hollowhorn's contributions to the forum, if you want to reminisce some more. 

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