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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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Latest youguv poll has a majority now in favour of Scottish independence; the break down of the poll is stark:-

Should Scotland be an independent country?
Under 50s:
Yes: 66%
No: 34%

Under 65s:
Yes: 59%
No: 41%

Over 65s:
Yes: 25%
No: 75%

(YouGov, 22-27 January


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The farce continues in Absurdistan, samscafe.  They really need to check people before they employ them. Just Google.  Not that hard. But then I don't think they care if people are mysogynistic racists. 

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I am always surprised at the closeness when the votes are counted. I would think that any Scot living back hame would know enough history to beg for independence. I have a niece who lives in Perth and a few years ago knew people who had non government pensions and those people were afraid that their pensions would be lost. Last year when I talked to her about Independence she was of the belief that all military personnel who were born in Scotland would be kicked out of service. My own thoughts along those lines are that England would gladly keep their Scots, if they did not Donald trump would welcome every Scottish Regiment plus the Scots who were enlisted men and women.

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All these stories are propaganda, tam.  Thankfully some of the red tops are losing much of their readership. The Sun lost £68 million last year - bad news for the Unionists and myth makers. 

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