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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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THE former Labour MP Jared O'Mara's communications chief has resigned live on social media branding his boss "the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person" he has ever worked with.

Gareth Arnold, who describes himself as a "communications man", used the MP's own Twitter account to launch an attack on his boss, accusing him of not caring about his constituents.

Comms Team signing off... forever: Jared, you are the most disgustingly morally bankrupt person I have ever had the displeasure of working with. You do not care about your constituents. You do not care about anyone but yourself.

The broadsides continued, with Mr Arnold adding: "I cannot and will not defend you and your vile, inexcusable contempt for the people who voted you in.

"My fear is that now (as I quit) the rest of the staff will leave and once again you will close your office and stop helping anyone but still take your wages until you have the decency to call a byelection.


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Westminster is one huge farce. Difficult to have any faith in many politicians. Theresa May signing off saying how the lives of many have improved under her leadership.  Obviously can't be referring to the low waged, the disabled, children living in poverty and so on. 

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