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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End
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Happy New Year 2019

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I'll start with a rant.

What in the name of God was the BBC's offering last night.

Only an Excuse was absolutely dire, found myself scowling because it was that bad. So disappointed with Gregor Fisher who was given the opportunity to reprieve the Rev IM Jolly and came up with that humourless heap of twaddle. Then to the music, a 'flat out of tune' singer who murdered Caledonia just topped the night off. The BBC gets its revenge on us moaning faced jocks who criticse their political and news coverage.



Anyway, can I wish you all a wonderful 2019  

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Thought Only An Excuse was dire. Even Jools was a bit boring.  Best thing on telly has been Billy Connolly.  

Happy New Year :)

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