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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End

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Hi...I’m new here, having just discovered the site !  I saw some previous posts about Glenfield St.  I was brought up at 102 Alexandra Parade, which is now the site of the xtended Royal Infirmary. !   Going towards Castle St, the first street running off Alexandra Oarade was James Orr St.  The next one as Glenfield St.

if you turned the opposite direction, towards the cigarette factories, you cane to Wishart St......which led down to the Bridge of Sighs.  That street remains I think....not sure about the others.   Does anyone recall the Monklsnd Canal.....now the route of the motorway.  My dad had a garage on the land there, which was a converted goods wagon !  You used to enter that land from Castle Street, which ran behind the tenements on Alexandra Parade.  And then there was the cafe on the corner by the traffic lights.....Gizzis !  Lovely memories.

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Gizzi's ringing a bell, Gerry, but the name is familiar regarding cafes and restaurants in Glasgow. 
Welcome to the website and glad you have such good memories.

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