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Crying earth

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This isn't a story in the proper sense

it's more of an idea for a story that I thought about this morning as I was going to meet my work coach.

Given the fact that planet earth is sadly inhabited by people that gradually bringing it to close to environmental ruin,

I just wonder how the planet would show its feelings if that was possible?

Humans tend to respond to physical pain and injury by crying

but how would the earth respond to what humans are doing to it?

My immediate thoughts are it would cry, bawl, weep, in such a way that would hopefully make people change their ways and start being more thoughtful and considerate and

if that failed then threaten to restrain the ecosystem until we learn to stop taking it for granted.

That sounds harsh, even cruel

but how long can people carry on taking planet earth and its ecosystem for granted and bring them close to ruin?


I'd love to know what you think

please share your thoughts.



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Sounds like a great idea. Made me think that all the storms, hurricanes and tsunami we've seen in recent years could have been the result of the planet deciding that the world needs a bit of a shake.  Go for it. 

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Quite an interesting topic of discussion I must say. I would say that in order to stop the havoc that we are causing to mother earth maybe, she would respond someday with an event that would be disastrous to a vast population of people living in certain areas. She might think that its time to teach these creatures some lesson and boom...fury unleashed.

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I think we see disastrous events in certain areas over and over, Brian – tsunami, earthquakes and at the moment devastating fires in California.

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