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Leaders' Debates

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These are a joke. We had the Leaders Debate the other night with the three fantastic women, Wood, Lucas and Sturgeon, Paul Nuttall and Tim Farron. No May and no Corbyn.  Farcical.

Then we have the Scottish Leaders Debate, where the focus was on devolved issues, perfect for holding SNP to account but total waste of time as this was supposed to relate to the General Election. It seems the questions were chosen by BBC????

I didn't see it all but apparently Ruth Davidson was in a bit of a tizzy. I thought Kezia Dugdale was going to self-combust. Patrick Harvie was as usual, very clear and very composed, even when Sarah Smooth had a go at him – was that in her remit? She wasn't so proactive when Kezia Dugdale persistently shouted over Nicola Sturgeon No point even mentioning David Coburn – talking tripe. Lots of big big fibs from RD. Apparently more people than ever before are getting mobility cars. 

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I see the food bank nurse who told everyone 'you don't know what its like to work in the NHS right now' and how she needs to go to foodbanks.......is actually a BUPA employed nurse, regularly pops over to New York, has her child at private school and has a fecking horse.  

She also hates Nicola Sturgeon with a passion according to her many 'Jimmy Krankie' facebook posts




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