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The Budget

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No mention of Brexit. Very strange. Just another round of rewarding the rich and making the lives of the worse off even worse. 

Over three million children living in poverty in the UK but Hammond's concern, apparently, is not leaving children in the future in debt.  Not doing too well on either count. 

Too bad for the self-employed with their N.I. contributions taking a hike. Wonder if there's anywhere they can apply for sick money or maternity, holiday pay?  Also it was in their mandate that these payments would not go up.

See you can still only claim for tax credits for two children – if you have a third child after being raped then you have to prove that. 

The Tories gave a baying rousing cheer when it was announced that Scotland was to be given (they think it's a generous gift and that we don't actually contribute to the Treasury coffers).  Don't think the sum allocated £350m equates to what has actually been cut. 

Stewart Hosie's summation was spot on . 'Balancing the books on the backs of the poor.'



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Ha ha. I didn't think Nick Robinson had the ability to make me laugh.

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