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Twitter is going mad. No friend of the CIA and no doubt Trump will not be mourning nor all the exiles in Miami but what an education system and health service Cuba has.

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, state television in the country has announced. Castro was known as one of the most iconic revolutionary leaders in recent history after he led a communist guerrilla army to replace Fulgencio Batista’s corrupt dictatorship, and went on to survive countless CIA-backed attempts on his life

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I was interested in what Emily Thornberry had to say with regard to her vist to Cuba. She didn't deny that there were some problems but she asked the question how was it possible for such a small country to send many more doctors to assist with the Ebola crisis than either USA or UK?  There's no shortage of doctors in Cuba.

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I think it is difficult to be 100% pro-Castro. He certainly wasn't the monster feared by the U. S. of A. whose attempts to assassinate him bordered on the farcical but then Americans do tend to be childlike at times.  He did introduce educational opportunity and health care for example but his attitude towards the homosexual communities were horrendous. When comparing him with other dictators he was, perhaps, more benevolent than most...

As a student I did take part in a 'Hands off Cuba' march!

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