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Marine Le Pen on Andrew Marr Show

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Nice timing by the BBC inviting Front National Candidate Marine Le Pen onto the Andrew Marr Show on Armistice Day.

They did a great job giving Farage all the oxygen he needed to build his party. Hope they're not going to be so helpful in helping Le Pen in her bid for the French presidency.

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Marr's justification was that as she was possibly in the running for presidency of France that her views should be aired so the fascist was guest of honour on Armistice Day.  Given oxygen. Helping her achieve her goals just as Farage and UKIP benefited from telly time.  It would make you weep.

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Yes, I don't know what the Beeb are up to.  I watched for a good few hours yesterday hoping to catch Nicola Sturgeon's visit to Seanad Eireann but although this was 'a historic' invitation and she was the first serving leader to speak there – they didn't show it or include in their news report.

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4 hours ago, samscafeamericain said:

BBC had 'technical issues', STV did a reasonable reporting job

Why do I find that a bit hard to believe?

I remember the technical hitch when Jane Hill was at the Yes rally in Buchanan Street. Surrounded by No placards – all six of them. The hitch happened when Yes placards appeared in the picture and swiftly we found ourselves back in the studio. Or am I paranoid?

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