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Aberfan - 50 years on

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The BBC has produced a superb, powerful piece on the Aberfan tragedy.  It is heart breaking but made even worse by the behaviour of the National Coal Board and the Governments of the days that followed.


Its so worth a read. 


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For me, yesterday belonged to the survivors of the disaster. I found it heartrenching to hear the interviews on radio 4 and one young man who survived, breaking down when talking about his class mates who never made it. 

I was 9 when the tradegy happened and I remember the atmosphere in our house and the solemnity of the adults as we watched the news on the grainy picture of our black and white telly. "Miners ran from the pits to dig with their bare hands..."  "Pulling children by their limbs out of the slag heap..."  We wept then and I still weep, hearing the voices and the stories of the people of Aberfan.

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