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  1. Someones either been up too late or has been hitting the sauce!
  2. Mibbes aye mibbes naw but it still hauds guid he is an arse.....hehehehehe Ah mean who still cuts thumsel shavin at 64 years of age!
  3. Patrisha is tryin to tell you that yer an arse!
  4. "caused entirely by deregulated bankers -" and who deregulated them? The last shower of criminaly incompetent economic numpties,and that all their supporters now seem to have developed historic blindness to the havoc they set up in the last 13 years! You could say that because of their proliference (the last governments) and the pursuance of THEIR political agenda and social "engineering"we are now in the position we are in now, with the resultant right wing bampots we have now got! Mibbes if the last lot had kept their original promisses and didnt suck up to the rich and the banking frater
  5. For all that "there are no jobs out there"..,.all the people that come into this country seem to find them ok!
  6. As regards the firba...ther a buncha diddies!
  7. I support Independance but mibbes the reason why a lot of folk are shying away from it is the bunch of diddies what have and are running Scotland at the moment! And not cos of cowardice like what you are slandering dissenters with!
  8. Some of us alweys knew ye wis a bit wet!
  9. Ah um certinlie no his type nor him mine Ah huv seen the creachuur!
  10. Ye wilny see onythin here skwirril!

  11. Ah see that ye hiv a nut stuck in yer wallies again or ye hiv lapsed inty thon gaylik gibberish!
  12. Ah didny ken that skwirrils spoke erse tho Ah dae know sum that speak oot o it!
  13. Ah know Ahm no a stuck up erse likes yersel....
  14. Oh aye thats rite an who wis "regulatin" thum? And sookin up tae thum annaw,,,the "master planner,saviour o ra world", Broon...thats who!
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